Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the subtle nuances of the running man

Watched The Running Man last night. Like a fine wine, it just gets better with age. I noticed some things this viewing, things that had always gone over my head or I’ve just forgotten. It wasn’t until halfway through the movie when I’m like ‘hey that’s Jesse the body Ventura’. Jeremy had no idea (he is NOT a wrestling person, unfortunately). Another 15 minutes go by and I say ‘hey isn’t he the Governor of something?’. This time Jeremy filled me in. Minnesota. Tho I googled it and now it’s some other guy. But this other dud wasn’t in the Running Man so I won’t even bother to mention his name tho it would have been easier than writing this explanation. On with the movie. So it gets to the bit where Captain Freedom is ‘killing Ben Richards’ and it struck me. Arnold is the Governor of California. Huh. I wonder is these two ever met at some high society do and were talking politics and being polite and all that. I wonder, I wonder, if either or both of them had that scene flash into their heads. I’d like to think so. I’d also like to think that if I ever ran into the two of them for some reason, they would act out that scene and let me take pictures. Not because it’s a great scene, but because of who they are.

That is the major revelation I had last night, and some or all of you may have figured this out long ago so humour me. If not, revel in my thought processes. Behold them in their random glory. On that note I’d like to point out that one of my many talents is recognizing actors. Not by name or anything, but often I’ll be watching a movie and a person will walk by in the background and I can be like ‘hey that chick was the waitress in that one scene in -movie name here-’. Really I’m quite good. I noticed one of those in Running Man. Sven in Running Man is LaFours in Mallrats. Check it out man. And his name really is Sven. If I know Kevin Smith and, I think I do, that was probably the point of LaFours. Again, this may be common knowledge. Just not for me.

This concludes the subtle nuances of The Running Man. So there are two I guess. But they’re pretty good ones, I think.

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