Thursday, February 9, 2006


A girl at the office found a key chain. I don’t know where she found it, don’t wanna know. The important thing is that she gave it to ME! The cover had broken off, so we had no idea what it was. Through mind-boggling detective work I finally tracked it down on this site. It is a tamagotchi McDonalds Happy Meal toy – from 1998!!! My goodness!! The poor person who lost it must have been treasuring it for a long time. It’s a game where you wind up the duck and guess where his bill will end up. I’m already enamoured. It’s adorable.

There’s just something about finding goodies. Trash you say? Hey if it didn’t make it to the bin it’s fair game.

Why yes I DID love going to the dump when I was a child. My parents wouldn’t let me bring anything home tho.


Just kidding I love you! Even if you had some unreasonable issues about me playing with garbage.

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