Monday, February 27, 2006


When I did the johovoveeech post the other day I got some great feedback. Certain words sound American - that we can all agree on. There is an area of dissent ho. The American bloggers think that pronouncing pillow as ‘pellow’ is a Canadian thing, whereas the Canadians think it must be American.

I say ‘pellow’. That’s right I admit it. But now that my American friends have disabused me of the notion that it’s their influence I’m a little baffled. Where did I get this tendency? I’ll see if my family knows but if any of you know someone who says ‘pellow’ please let me know where they’re from. I’m quite curious. I’m inclined to believe that this is just something my odd little imagination came up with. Knowing me that’s a strong possibility.

Moving on,
Tom (among others) where amused by my pronunciation of Mila Jovovich. He particularly requested that I say M. Night Shyamalan. I don’t necessarily do requests but M. Night happens to be one of the names I say oddly, right up there with Mila. I didn’t put it up here the first time because I don’t think it’s as Jovovich but since you asked – here’s me saying M. Night Shyamalan. Enjoy.

I hope you all realize that this isn’t me trying to be funny (well I always am a little) but it’s how I actually say these names. If you ever meet me try to steer the conversation to these names, you’ll see. If M. Night ever does a movie starring Mila you’ll be all set. I think Jeremy would expire from glee. Shrug.

p.s. Check out my
Personal DNA Report (via Binsk). It’s pretty cool. We’re both addicted to internet quizzes, although I'm doing better these days. The results of my addiction can be found here. It’s awful when I think about how many hours I’ve spent on these things. It’s like figuring out how much money I spend on cigarettes. Shudder.

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