Tuesday, February 28, 2006

“i’m the princess from the neverending story!”

Word for word that's what came out of his mouth as soon as he put this on. It’s my Tidus necklace from Final Fantasy X. I love it. So (apparently) does Jeremy. I was going to just put up one pic but the sweetie pie, zoolander, evil grin and coming to get you poses were too good to pick a favourite.

Now we all know how Clara likes to play dress-up and Jeremy has done this sort of thing before. I find that dress-up, however brief or elaborate, is an essential part of life. If you don’t dress-up, even in private, you’re missing out. Ladies (or gents) just put on some really red lipstick that you’d never wear in public but somehow have in your makeup bag and sit around watching TV. Have some ultra swank jewellery you never have occasion to wear? Slap it on before heading to the corner store. Put on a towel cape before taking out your garbage. It’s a wonderful sense of freedom and just plain fun!! I highly recommend it. And take pictures. Then email them to me. Really.

If any of you do take the plunge into silliness let me know. I would be thrilled! I’ll try to do something new and post it to nerve you people up. It shouldn’t be hard, something that you have to sit there and think about, that would take the joy out of it. Just let the next whim that takes you – take you. All the way baby.

Also here is Jeremy playing the didge (you’ve heard him but now you can see the miracle happen!) and these grouse claw pins I got for Denise at Christmas. They’re kilt pins and a perfect example of a quick and easy way to dress-up. And I don’t mean formal ‘dress-up’. I mean dressup!! As in tickle trunk.

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