Thursday, March 2, 2006

no bed of roses

You have to know you’re not going to like where a conversation is going if it starts out with ‘I had to throw out the underwear I was wearing today’.

You should have seen Jer’s face when I said that.

Now calm down, this isn’t going to be that bad, I certainly wouldn’t be telling all of creation if it were. The fact is I wore these faux silk panties from high school that really don’t fit me anymore (time for laundry, I know – I’m into the emergency underwear). The result was a baby butt rash that I don’t care to suffer again - so in the trash these undies went. See? Not that bad. It was hard throwing out a pair of underwear that hadn’t completely fallen apart to the point of being unwearable. You know - elastic’s shot, gaping holes. That sort of thing. Ah well, not worth the rosy cheeks if you now what I mean. Man I really have a greater appreciation for all the crying babies do; that sort of discomfort had me as cranky as the most colicky of infants. Sheesh. I do like having the opportunity to stick out my lip and pout ‘I hurt my bottom’. You don’t often have that luxury but I figure hey, if I suffer the same way I can act the same way.

At least for a while.

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