Monday, March 6, 2006

eh? what's all this then?

This weekend I went to the British Isles show. What fun! Some fam came up to meet me and revel in our britishness. Jer came to scoff at the English and buy many t-shirts proclaiming how glad he was to be Scottish. At least two. I wanted a pretty Celtic necklace but couldn’t find one that was perfect. Rather than settle for less I scrapped that idea, tho I really had my heart set on a new necklace. To soothe my disappointment I bought pounds of British candy.

My teeth literally ache today.

Worth it tho. I got treacle toffee, Turkish delight, creamy nougat and fudge. Oh and some crisps of unusual flavour. Cheese and onion and prawn cocktail to be exact.

For lunch I actually passed on the fish n chips (wanted to try something new) and settled on
Cock A Leekie Soup. My heart sank a little when I saw them spooning it into the bowl but I was soon pleasantly surprised. It was delish. It reminded me of the "stuff" that Urgl feeds Atreyu in the neverending story. You know right before he goes to see the southern oracle? No? You mean your little sister didn’t make you watch that movie four kajillion times until it was etched in your brain? Really? We had to hide it from her. Surprisingly I still like that movie. I heart Atreyu. Whenever I play a Zelda game I enter my name as Atreyu. I think this would be a great name for a son of mine. Or daughter for that matter. Anyway that wasn’t the only movie she did that with, E.T – which I can’t watch anymore because I’m thoroughly sick of it, and IT – which Jeremy won’t even allow to occupy the same building as him but I still like, were both watched with a regularity that would make a bran muffin proud.

What was I talking about? Right, the Brit show. There were dancers, pipers, drummers and an MC who I honestly thought was Tom Jones for a few minutes. No haggis tho. And really, that was the whole reason I went.

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