Thursday, March 9, 2006

the hammer

Thanks everyone for all the well wishing and support about the ol’ cancer. Jer says I’m turning this into a PR event. I’ve called a billion people, emailed the world and hit up every blog on my blogroll so they would be more likely to wander over and ‘happen upon’ my bad kitty post. I’ve even ordered a bunch of pins and those trendy rubber bracelets that seem so popular with the cancers these days (ThyCa has the best ones – teal! Oooh!). Trust me to turn this into a shopping adventure. So I tried but I just can’t stay mad at Milo; he’s probably more upset about this whole mess than I am. I am starting to get a little paranoid tho; I’ll get a pain in my neck and am convinced it’s the cancer encroaching. I also think I can feel the egg drop whenever I get my period. I'm either totally wacked or uncannily in touch with my body. Shrug. Ain't I a marvel?

Now I do have something really important to share with you all – the joys of
Sledge Hammer. I loved this show as a kid. Love love love. It’s what made me want my own gun, a cute revolver with a mother of pearl handle bearing the likeness of daisies. At the time I didn’t equate guns with death. Mostly antics. Anyway I went over to refried beats (if you haven’t already – go there!) and, as usual, was thrilled with their selection. There it was, glistening with promise – the first season of Sledge Hammer. I’m in heaven. Jeremy is quite taken with it as well.

You can even make your own Sledge Hammer caption here! Really Officer Hammer? You do? Wow I must be amazing!!

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