Monday, March 27, 2006

must be spring

This weekend saw the birth of three new crushes. Yes I know, if I kept track of my list it would rival a Naval Fleet. First up, Steven Strait who I saw in Sky High as Warren Peace. When he first came on as the brooding loner outcast with a superhero mother and supervillain father I was smitten. Jeremy took great delight in telling me he is probably 14 and I should be arrested. I thought he looked at least 16 so I was fine. Turns out he’s 20 (last week), so I’m safe. Hey he would be perfect for my little sister. Then I could have a little eye candy at family gatherings. Wow I’m creeping myself out. Well it’s not just my opinion, one interviewer said: ”Guys, it doesn't matter how heterosexual you are. After a thirty-minute interview with Steven Strait, you'd have a man-crush, too. And ladies, forget it. Game over”.

My next crushes are from the same show – Space: Above and Beyond. Lt. Shane Vansen and Lt. Cooper Hawkes. A.K.A Kristen Cloke and Rodney Rowley. Mmmm mmm good. They are both totally badass and yet vulnerable. Plus they are meant to be together and in my head they end up happily ever after. For more on science fiction soulmates, including Vansen and Hawkes, go here.

Ah, l’amour.

Must be the weather.


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