Friday, March 17, 2006

okay here’s the break down:

· I have papillary carcinoma (the best kind)
· They will be taking out the WHOLE thyroid (meds for life)
· Surgery will most likely be in May
· Radiation 4-6 weeks after that (I’ll be in isolation)
· My voice MAY change after the surgery but it can be corrected

It’s getting a little more real but still not scary. I’m mostly worried about work. You know, this will take up more than the vacation/sick time I have allotted and I don’t know how that will work or not work out for me. Heh.

Anyway I like the doctor who’ll be snipping out my thyroid. My mum made him hold out his hands to see how steady they were. So cute. Jeremy didn’t say much but he did manage to choke back his laughter when the doctor said I’d have to stay away from heavy exercise for a while. Thanks sweetie. The doc was very laid back and the only raised eyebrow I got out of him was when I asked about the scar I’d have. He reassured me that these days it was hardly noticeable. My crestfallen look threw him a little and when I hastily explained how I would like a scar and my disappointment when my appendix removal yielded minimal scar design. He said he’d never encountered that before (I’m special) but maybe he could add some flourishes when closing me up. What a nice man!

I have my very own St. Mike’s card now. It’s green. Niagara Falls general hospital is blue, in case you’re wondering. While I was off gallivanting in the ENT clinic my order from Thyca came in. perfect timing. Now I am stylishly aware of thyroid cancer and all that. Those rubber bracelets were so trendy I shied away from them before. But now I have the perfect excuse. Cancer. And so do you if you’d like to get them. Order them from thyca tho, half of what you spend goes to research and medical things that I’m sure are very important and affect me directly. Well, affect Milo really directly.

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