Monday, March 20, 2006

v for veneration

I watched V for Vendetta this weekend. Oh. My. I understand that it didn’t get the best reviews but I attribute that to people who had knowledge of the graphic novel beforehand and different expectations than I. I loved it.

I have a newfound and overwhelming love for V. Until the credits came up I had no idea that it was Hugo Weaving’s voice behind that Guy Fawkes mask I grew to love. I also thought that I was watching Keira Knightly the whole movie and then when the credits came up I was like ‘Natalie Portman was in this? Who was….oh’. That was my exact thought process. Anyway this movie has moved Hugo into the ranks of
wonderful voices that give us shivers. Already in the club we find Alan Rickman, George Takei and Tim Curry.

Welcome Hugo Weaving!!!! We heart you. And those spine tingling vocal cords.

I took an idea from
Binsk and sent an email out asking people to describe me in one word. I’ve gotten some great responses and I wanted to extend the invite to my blog buddies (I don’t have all of your emails). So send the word to clarablogatgmaildotcom if you wish, then I’ll have your email for next time I want to be an egomaniac. I’ll post my results in a day or two.

Oh and because Jeremy scoffed at me when I was confused with the whole Keira/Natalie thing I must point out, they DO look alike….doncha think?

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