Thursday, March 23, 2006


Last weekend Jeremy and I went on an outing that led us to something neither of us has ever seen before! Some of you may not be that impressed but Jeremy has lived nearly 25 years in this city (actually in Toronto, none of this GTA business) and has NEVER seen – pigeons in the subway. We rarely go to Bathurst Station (where I took these pics) so we really don’t know if this is a common occurrence there. Can you believe it didn’t have my camera on me? Thanks goodness for camera phones.

We were a bit concerned when we heard the subway arriving. Pigeons are notoriously easy to startle and the last thing I wanted to see was a pigeon splat, let alone get any one me. Yucky. Surprisingly they barely reacted. This leads me to believe that it may not be as wacky as we thought, at least for that particular station. One flew across to the other platform and after the train pulled away we didn’t see it anywhere. So we’re pretty sure it got on the subway. I wonder where it was going?


My ‘one word’ post will be up tomorrow. I thought I’d give you all another chance to categorize me in some way. Send your word to describe me to clarablogatgmaildotcom, if you like. In case you need inspiration, here are several pictures of me, being adorable.

Y’know when I first got my camera I didn’t think I’d be taking so many pictures of myself.

Not that I’m surprised or anything.

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