Sunday, March 12, 2006

*weekend update*

Yes puppies you get a special weekend edition of the victory dance. On Friday we (Connie, Dave, Elo, and Maria) met at the Flatiron to celebrate Milo’s discovery and imminent end. I must give thanks to the Flatiron staff that had to deal with us all night (mostly Maria) because we were a handful. Like more than usual. The poor couple sitting next to us got dragged into the drama and by the time they left they were hugging me goodbye and wishing me luck. I really hope we didn’t ruin your dinner, sorry, but thanks for being so supportive strange couple. After a bit James stopped by. This was his first time meeting all of us and I hope we didn’t give him the wrong impression, as by the end of the night our section of the bar resembled girls gone wild. I haven’t kissed a girl for free drinks since university but hey Maria can be very persuasive. And she’s a great kisser.

Maria and I stayed a bit longer for one more beer (ahem) and ended up having some more shots bought for us. Bad idea. I miraculously didn’t miss my stop and as I stumbled out of Wellesley station some guy came up behind me and said ‘Hey Drunkie!’

It was Jeremy. Having just come back from his own night of debauchery (3 beers…..what a wild man) he decided to wait for me there. What a sweetie.

Don’t forget to check out
Maria and James’ posts about our little gathering. It was a total Clara Lovefest and I really appreciated it guys, thanks.

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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