Friday, April 21, 2006

beer & tequila (maybe some nachos)

Just to make things easier, this is what I am wearing today. Well not right now, I have a blazer on and work shoes but that is what I will look like when
at the wolf & firkin (downstairs)tonight. Some of you have never met me, some just aren’t that bright. KIDDING!!! Kidding, you’re all very special. And smart. S-M-R-T!

Margaret, whose idea this was, ran into my surgeon last night (yes they run in the same social circles – she’s FANCY!) and he gave his permission for me to get drunk tonight. Wahoo! I will still take it easy as I do NOT want to get a cold and have to postpone this whole thing, but it’s nice to know the guy whose cutting me open said it’s cool. Well I don’t know that he said ‘cool’, but he might’ve. He’s pretty laid back.

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