Thursday, April 13, 2006

farewell/get well

There will be a minor fete on April 21st in my honour. Or perhaps in Milo’s honour. Either way if you’re in the area stop by! Say hello and introduce yourself if we’ve never met, pop in for a drink or stay the whole night. All are welcome; there will be some work people, pseudo in-laws, friends, blogfriends and more (hopefully). It’s not an organized thing, we’ll just be reserving a section of a pub for whoever wants to stop by and say hello. I have no games, trivia or physical challenges planned (sorry) and it’s not a gift-giving occasion. I don’t even want everyone to buy me drinks (it’s a couple of days before surgery and if I get sick they’ll cancel it). It’s just a chance to say ‘hey’ before I’m laid up for an indeterminate amount of time. It’s also your last chance to see my neck in all its natural splendour. This is me asking you personally to stop by. Tough beans if you’re not in Toronto, you’ll have read about it the next day with the rest of creation.

Here’s the ‘memo’:

As most of you already know, Clara, our all-time favourite receptionist will be taking a leave of absence starting April 26 to have surgery and receive treatment for thyroid cancer. She will be off work for at approximately 7-13 weeks. We are going to have a farewell party for her on Friday April 21 at the Wolf and Firkin located at 43 Elm Street (416) 971- 6264. It is two blocks north of Dundas between Bay and Yonge on the south side of the street.

Time: 5:30 to ? – Feel free to stop by for a quick drink or stay for the long haul!!

Let me know if you think you can come (clarablogatgmaildotcom) so we have a rough estimate to tell the bar. And yes Jeremy will be stopping by after work. If he knows what's good for him.

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