Tuesday, April 18, 2006

don't look at me i'm a fatty!

Jeremy gained twenty pounds and is a bit sensitive about it. So naturally I thought I’d share it with you all. It’s adorable really.

Last night we were playing headbands at the in-laws. Like twenty questions but with unlimited questions and the answers can be severely misleading because it’s more fun that way. Anyway Jeremy was Smokey the Bear and he asked if he was based in reality. Everyone said no, but I piped up that I thought it was (like Winnie the Pooh). Everyone thought it was HILARIOUS and laughed heartily at me or called me special. Jeremy went to the
Smokey Bear website, I’m sure to have proof that I was a wrong, and there it was – VINDICATION!!! Smokey was “based upon an actual baby black bear that was found alone, charred, and scared after a devastating wildfire burned through New Mexico”. HAH. I mean, poor bear. I wasn’t a graceful winner either. As soon as I read that sentence I yelled BOO YA! Then I pointed at each person and called them arrogant bastards. Yep I’m a real sweetheart. Classy.

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