Wednesday, May 31, 2006

jeremy is two

Wow. Déjà vu.

Last night Jeremy demonstrated his child-like exuberance and um, creativity, yet again. It started when I heard the shower running. Then giggling. Then a crash. Then more giggling. I knock on the door and ask if I can come in, then I barge in without getting an answer (of course). There’s Jeremy. Clothed. In the shower. See he needed to was h his space invaders t-shirt and thought it would be easier to put it on and get in the shower, scrubbing it while it’s on. Sigh. I accused him of trying to shrink it to be perfectly skin-tight. He didn’t deny it either. Anyway the real fun came when he tried to take of the sopping wet shirt, I ended up having to help. Oh theatrics. I was not trying to kill you.

Later the fun of Jeremy bringing his belongings to live with mine continued – in the form of a lightsaber death match! I lost both my arms but having super regenerative powers that didn’t stop me. When my butt was cut off I decided that the fight was over, as it is the source of my power. Well secondary source. I have a special toe that I believe to be magical. Anyway Jeremy’s only regret was that I covered up the window in newspaper and Yonge Street missed the epic battle. Curses.

Life with Jeremy means constantly having my camera with me.

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