Tuesday, May 30, 2006

heh heh oops....... (with depressing update. sorry)

I just had a Clara moment that has not occurred since high school. Actually this may only be the second time its come about but I’m sure my family would disagree. When I was a teenager, 16 I think, my mother was dropping my sisters and I off at a tattoo parlor so Jenna could get another tattoo. As we were getting ready to get out of the car she told me that she needed my help running a few errands. I protested but they all insisted I go with my mum. I wanted to see my sister get another tattoo and so put up quite a hissy fit ended in ‘fine! Whatever’ and pouting such as the world has never seen. She told me to look out for a shop called ‘coppel’ as we drove around St. Catharines. Eventually I spotted it. George Coppel Jewelers. My parents we buying me my first ‘real jewelry’ ring from an actual jeweler. I felt like an ass.

So something just happened where this incident immediately popped into my head and made me laugh. It’s hot today. Damn hot. I am sweating like a lady of negotiable affection in a house of worship. So I am online looking for vertical air conditioners in any and all Toronto classifieds. I found one for $120! I emailed the guy to see if it’s available – it is! Great! I ask Jeremy what I should say, let’s get it tomorrow, lets do it. He says lets wait a couple days and look around. This is where I throw a minor fit. I actually pounded my keyboard and said that we’ve been talking about it for weeks but we never DO anything. I went on to complain that that’s what we do about everything and I need action –

And this is where he calls me a brat and tells me a brand new air conditioner will be here within hours. Heh. Thank you in-laws.

Well I had the grace to look sheepish.

BTW if anyone is interested in that other air conditioner, view the ad
here. I feel bad getting the guys hopes up like that, he was very prompt and super nice. I don’t want to be a classified tease.

Sad but true update* The air conditioner did NOT fit our window. In fact NO vertical air conditioner will ever fit our window and portable is our last option. It is also the most expensive. As it will be another month before I get a paycheque the likes of which I recieved before I went on sick leave I am pessimistic about my survival. I’m scouring the classifieds but if you know of anything, let me know. I spent last night alternating between the bedroom, couch and living room floor (which was the coolest) and spritzing myself with a water bottle periodically because I could not sleep. Anytime I managed to dose off I would sit upright gasping for breath. As a result I am so irritable that if you see on the news that a crazed woman has started pushing slow walkers on Yonge Street into oncoming traffic it is probably me.

I still had to post the story because damn it's funny! Even if it ended in a night of sobbing and contemplating moving to Vancouver. Seriously. This morning I taped together pages of NOW Magazine (4 pages by 3 pages) with green electrical tape and covered one of my windows that still let in too much sun. Ghetto air conditioning. Hey it gave me something to do.

On a bright note
Maria has posted about my first post-op pub night. I don't have the energy to post about it, my apartment is a sauna in case I wasn’t clear.

Sigh. The oppressive heat is the ONLY THING I actually hate about Toronto. Well downtown anyway.

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