Monday, May 29, 2006

claremy 2001

Many many years ago, during my and Jeremy’s first crack at couplehood, we went to his mother’s studio and had our likenesses etched on film. Since Jeremy moved in this weekend a great number of his things have accumulated in my apartment (it becomes ours when I get the first rent payment), and one of those is the aforementioned photos. How young we look! I was shocked. Denise also took some just of me but we’ll save those for another day shall we? Funny how I remember thinking ‘my arms are huge!’ when I first saw these. Now I look and say ‘see how good my arms looked!’. Ah life. Yer funny.

Anyhoo I can’t get over how much Jeremy has changed. When I first saw him here in Toronto two years ago I thought he hadn’t changed a bit (apart from the little beard) but looking back at these – wow! No offense honey but you looked like a bit of a goober. A cute goober tho. We look like kids! I guess we were but we didn’t think so at the time.

Unfortunately the missing picture was probably the best one. Or rather the most flattering one of Jeremy since it’s missing from his copy. As you can see from the first picture he hasn't changed THAT much. He’s a preener that boy.

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