Thursday, May 25, 2006

back to the ol' grind. soon.

So I stopped by work yesterday and surprised everyone. The overwhelming happiness to see me did wonders for the ol’ ego. But man I can’t believe how nervous I was heading up that elevator. It feels like I’ve been away forever. My official return date has been set (June 5th) and I’m excited. Worried yes. What if I’m too tired and can’t handle it? What if I’m slower mentally and won’t know until faced with dilemmas that normally would be my forte to solve efficiently. Huh. You know pulling off that sentence has reassured me somewhat. I guess blogging has its practical purposes. Brain exercise. Although the written word has never been a problem for me. I can get very tongue tied in person ad I um, like a lot. But if I did that before than no one will probably even notice. I’m hoping I can use this whole experience to my advantage. And by advantage I mean towering menacingly over people who refuse to obey my rules of the reception area and making that 'you’re dead’ neck slice. It’s much more convincing when your neck has a slice out of it.

Mwah ha ha….

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