Friday, May 5, 2006

you've got ball and chain

I had some interesting mail waiting for me upon my return home. Some ebay stuff, some bills, MANY many cards and even a luverly package from Susan which included Trauma Teddy. He sits on my desk and keeps an eye on me….hee.

Also in my mail was a first for me – the census!!! Yes folks I proudly participated in the 2006 census this morning. You can do it online. Heh. Anyway based on the census questions Jeremy and I are *gasp* COMMON LAW PARTNERS!!!! Shudder. I don’t like this appellation. It makes me think of she-mullets and camaros. I know this is a personal bias of mine but I can’t help it. I grew up near Welland. Just kidding. Not really. Welland in the 80’s was not pretty and you know it. Anyway according to the 2006 census Jeremy is my ‘opposite-sex common-law partner’. I think you can still send gifts. Do they have showers for that? I told him I was going to introduce him as my common law husband. He looked horrified.

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