Tuesday, July 18, 2006

merry mishap

Jeremy and I felt so lucky when we found out we could skip the bus this Saturday and get a ride down to my parents farm from the in-laws. Plus we got to stop at a book sale where you filled up a box of books for only $30!! Wowee! What fun! Or so we thought. Duh duh duh…

We hadn’t even gotten out of Toronto when things started getting crazy. We were chatting along, when a loud dull thud and a persistent flapping noise garnered out full attention. A tire had gone bye bye. Well a large portion of it anyway, which Jeremy went back for, dodging highway traffic like a maniac. It was deadly hot and we were on the side of the QEW/Gardiner where those big stone garden design are that say CN, FedEx, etc. hmmm, shade. So we hopped over the train tracks and decided to relax in the shade while we waited for CAA to show up. We’d just made it over when Jeremy pulls a face and calmly remarks ‘oh geez’. Then sits down. He takes of his sandal and there is BLOOD EVERYWHERE! Well that’s how I remembered it anyway. He had stepped on an exceedingly rusty nail and punctured a hole in his foot. Shudder. This thing would not stop gushing.. Luckily we were close to St. Joseph’s Hospital and several mechanics (as the uber helpful CAA attendant informed us) so we had Jeremy gauzed up, given a tetanus shot and a new tire in just under an hour. Talk about service!

All in all it was quite the adventure. I was really tempted to try and find my surgeon (the one who made me hypoparathyroid, he’s at St. Joseph’s) and have a wee chat, but I didn’t quite have the time or the balls. Pity.

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