Friday, July 14, 2006

squinty mcgee

After posting those two pics yesterday I noticed that something was up with my eyes. Now this is something I’ve noticed before, and it’s always the left eye that seems a little wider (right in the photos). I wonder why that is. Even in my grade 8 grad photo you can see it. I think it’s more noticeable when I’m smiling widely, as you can see. First of all – holy wrinkles!! I was shocked when I cropped the eyes and got up close and personal. Mother. But it’s almost as if it’s upturned a bit, and the other eye is straight on. If they both did that I’d look very exotic I’m sure. Maybe my under eye/cheek muscles are over developed in the one eye. Whichever, I think it adds to my quirkiness.

Jeremy says I have a lazy eye but I thought that was when one eye seemed to be looking in another direction from the other. Like the baby pic. Jeremy thinks it’s the squinty eye thing, like the Paris Hilton pic. Meh. I’m pretty sure it only happens when I’m smiling but I just couldn’t find a pic of me not smiling to compare it too. I’m just so damned cheerful (insert sarcastic scoff here). Exuberant;y moody would be a more apt descriptor of myself. Yes, I like that.

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