Monday, July 10, 2006

oh my! best toronto trek ever

This weekend was so much fun. And so exciting!! All my sisters came, along with Jeremy (of course) and my brother in-law. The big draws for me were George Takei and Garrett Wang . Well after hearing Garrett speak on stage he became my favourite. So funny! And totally hot. We kept running into him around the hotel so by the time I was in front of him to get an autograph I was completely smitten. We all were; every time he passed us we twittered and acted like goobers. Even when we were at the dance and I spilled my rye and ginger on his shoes. Heh. Awesome. I met George Takei while getting his autograph. He was surprisingly chatty; and with a voice like that who wouldn’t be. If I had a wicked voice I would record myself reading books and listen to it constantly. Oh wait I did that all the time when I was a kid. Anyhoo, he liked the picture I chose (it was his favourite episode - giggle snort, sigh…). Here they are:

The masquerade was good, some really great costumes. Here are some of my favs:

Kt and I missed out on meeting the Ghostbusters but everybody else did; Jenna got a business card from them (it says Ghostbusters on it, very professional looking). In case we ever have a paranormal pest problem, now we know who to call.

Em came for the Stargate more than the Star Trek, so she was thrilled when she got to have her picture taken with some well-dressed fans. However when one of them handed her a gun she transformed into a fierce warrior. Honestly what a difference!

On the last day we saw Lexa Doig and Michael Shanks speak (partly together – they’re married in real life). Now I had no plans to go and see these two but my sisters wanted to go so off we went. I’m SO glad I went, they are frickin hilarious! And raunchy! My goodness if there were no kids around I can only imagine how x-rated it would have gotten. Here’s a clip of a naughty joke they told, the quality’s not great but suck it, you don’t have to watch. But I think you should. You can hear when I finally get the joke (Ooh…).

Oh you two…

Every year I get a toy/action figure at the convention and I expected to do the same this year. However our time was almost up and I had only gotten a beaded necklace (it’s beautiful! I won it at the art auction, I’ll show you later). Nothing was really jumping out at me but then I saw a Chronicles of Riddick set for $15!! So I snatched that up and later found a Golden Girls doll (Onyx) for $1.50! How could I pass that up? So welcome to my collection.

In Clara’s apartment, we play with our toys. Or in Jeremy’s case we stage massive battles with our ninja turtles. I’m still waiting for The Great War – I’ve been hearing about it since 2001.

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