Wednesday, August 2, 2006

freudian skid

I found this portrait machine on the generator blog. It is very cool. You answer some questions and it makes a portrait of you. Well not a portrait of “you” per say, but your inner self-maybe. Well at least yourself at the moment you answer the questions. I think you can really get a sense of the real Clara from mine.

“A messy child, Clara shows tendencies to run and hide in the mountains – evidencing her hillbilly origins. She can be quite cheerful and sunny at times, but has demonstrated a proclivity towards the dark and macabre. Truly chilling.

Also she spills ketchup on everything, which cannot be avoided because she eats half a bottle with any dish you place in front of her. Remarkably odd. We recommend a steady diet of ether and poetry, substituting short fiction on occasion."

I wish.

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