Tuesday, August 1, 2006

maiden mystery

Last night on the subway I was standing by a young girl and she had on an armful of colourful bracelets. Could these be the fabled sex bracelets I wonder? Now these were not the thin jelly bracelets that seem associated with the exchange of sexual favours but the flat ones that support various charities. Such as my oh so stylish teal thyroid cacner one. However, there was no writing on the black, red and green ones but the blue one said HEAD. Now this could indicate any number of things but where I went to high school it had only one meaning. So was this a brazen strumpet proudly displaying her sexual repertoire or a na├»ve child simply wearing pretty baubles? Alas, we'll never know, although I was very tempted to ask her. “Excuse me miss, but do those mean you performed or took place in various acts of a sexual nature?” but no, that would be rude. It’s right up there with “Do they pay you to screw that bear?”. Couldn’t be done man.

Anyway I couldn’t take the chance that she was an innocent 12 yr old and I would be scarring her for life. There was another possibility, that she was advertising sex acts but hadn’t actually done them. Y’know to be "cool". Tsk tsk . Be sexually liberated, chaste or somewhere in between but be proud, and stick to your guns. Just NOT IN PUBLIC SCHOOL. High school is right around the corner and they have football teams there for the highly ambitious vixen of today.

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