Friday, August 25, 2006

happy bday em

The eldest of my sisters celebrates her day of birth today. The director of my childhood. The moderator of games, enforcer of rules. Wrestling went from grappling on the living room floor to scheduled matches in a specially designed area with safety cushions. We received costumes and personas – Jackie the Snake and Andrea the Giant spring to mind. There was even play-by-play commentary and post match taped interviews! The managerial skills that probably prevented many injuries due to over exuberant childhood games now ensure smooth family vacations and delicious meals. And she spawns well…adorable children. Bit of the nudist in her though. I think I wasn’t yet born when this story took place but there is photographic evidence so I know it’s true.

My parents own a chocolate shop. Every year at Easter it’s a mad house and there is a line out the door. As I understand it my mother noticed that the people in line were staring up at something and pointing. I don’t know if someone told her or she went out to check but there was a nude child dancing in the window above the shop – facing the road. Right up against the glass, standing in the windowsill. Ah, Em. Happy birthday you wildly organized diva you.

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