Monday, August 28, 2006


Wow a new term for myself.

Top Ten Rules on how to treat your receptionist:

  1. Always greet your receptionist with a smile & a "hello"
  2. Don't ask stupid questions e.g. like asking the receptionist to man the phones when there is an emergency like a fire!
  3. The receptionist is not your maid or waitress
  4. The receptionist has a name so use it
  5. Use social etiquette - please & thank you
  6. Remember receptionists need toilet breaks too!
  7. Remember receptionists do have a life outside the office
  8. Now here's something "How about treating them like they are the face of the company"!
  9. Always be nice as they are the ones that make your coffee & you never know where that roach leg may have come from.
  10. They know a lot more than your realise - especially who's having an affair with who!

(via radarblog comments - Elaina)

Check out Receptionist’s Revenge and remember that the individual on the front lines is the last person you want to piss off. Honestly.

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