Wednesday, August 16, 2006

thyca bo byca

I went to a focus group on Monday. It was for thyroid cancer survivors.

Wow. I’ve never spoken directly with another person who had thyroid cancer and here I was in a room with 9 other people with smiley face necks. I had a sudden insight into why support groups are helpful. After a few awkward minutes of silence someone (the only guy there) said we should all be comparing scars and the ice was broken.

“Who’s your endo?”
“Really you’ve never seen an oncologist?”
“2.3 cm”
“Yeah I was over 3cm”
“I was 18 when they found it”
“Going hypo is the worst”
“And the no salt diet? Barf”
“You lost your parathyroid function? Sucks.”

Ahhhh. Music to me ears. I felt this instant kinship with 9 total strangers. I rode the subway back with a girl, Sarah, and we chatted at length. I’m surprised no one exchanged emails or something. When it was time to leave I felt like I should have hugged everyone. I can’t be the only one who had that cross their mind. C’mon, hug it on out.

I was shocked to discover that only one other person had heard of the sites I go to for support and information. Just in case one of you – or anyone else who’s got the thyroid cancer – swings on by the ol’ victory dance.

Thry'vors - Yahoo Groups

There are more in the sidebar, under Thyroid Cancer Links. Um, der.

So that was great. And they gave me $75!

Which is already gone. Heh.

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