Thursday, August 31, 2006

when did they put that there?

I always thought I was an observant person. Really. I was totally proven wrong this morning.

I always walk to work on Yonge Street and walk home on Bay. Yonge anytime after noon makes me crazy. Like stabby crazy. Anyway I had to go to a CIBC bank machine, so I’m planning out my route – makes me less anxious. I decide ‘okay Yonge to College then over to Bay and down to Dundas where I can use the one at the Atrium. Will the doors be open this early? What if I can’t make a deposit? I can go on my lunch but...' Oh sorry you probably don’t want a tour of Clara’s head. Well not that part anyway.

Moving on….

So as I’m approaching Bay via College I see what appears to be a CIBC right there on the corner of Bay Street. Wha? Can it be? Yes it is! I have walked by this thing every day for the last two months and had no freaking clue it was there. Honestly. So I do my business and continue on to work. I walk about a block before I feel like I’ve been dropped on Mars. It seemed so alien and new. Again, I’ve walked by all these things daily for a few months but I was coming from the other direction. I had to keep looking at street signs to see if I passed Dundas and didn’t notice. I finally do get to Dundas and my jaw drops – they’re building a CANADIAN TIRE!!! Okay now of course I did notice the massive construction going on but I thought I was another office building or something. How could I not notice!?!?!? There is a huge Canadian Tire sign! I could see in the windows and the shelves are fully stocked and everything. Really now. Wake up Clara. The best part of my story, and the only interesting bit for those of you not acquainted with downtown Toronto (for which I must apologize for this seemingly incoherent ramble), is that I will soon have easy access to a Canadian Tire!

As disgusted as I am with myself I can’t help but be excited. I freaking LOVE Canadian Tire. I could wander around there for hours and never be bored. So many treasures…..sigh….a whole new world.....

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