Monday, September 11, 2006

Clara Update Courtesy of Guest Blogger #2

Greetings everyone in Clara Land... I am Hayley, sister of Jeremy. After being sick for about a week, Clara was kidnapped by her pseudo-in-laws and taken to the hospital on Saturday afternoon, where she was admitted for calcium-related complications. She's doing well in there (she tells me that her hospital tv has more channels than her home tv, so she's having a good time), and may be getting out as soon as tomorrow afternoon. From what I understand, she was put on a medication a few weeks ago that was meant to increase her calcium levels, but it did too good a job and she essentially OD'd on calcium. But maybe I'm wrong. No matter, I shall distract you all by telling you about the crazy woman we met in emergency.

I don't know her real name, so we'll call her Polly. Polly sat beside us (us being Clara, Jeremy and me) while we waited for the triage nurse. She told me many stories, but my favourite was when she told me that she was there because the doctors had put her on a medication that she was allergic to, and it had broken all of her bones. I was a little confused so I said "it broke your bones?", and she said "yes, they're all broken right now. They exploded". So about this time, the nurse comes over to ask everyone why they're there. "Polly" explained that the medicine had broken all of her bones, to which the nurse replied "yeah, that is very... VERY rare." and moved on to Clara. Apparently Polly later lay on the ground to stretch (or something equally odd), which led people to believe that perhaps every one of her bones were not in fact broken.

That's all I have... the plan is for Clara to be home by tomorrow afternoon.

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