Thursday, September 14, 2006

2 drink maximum

Free at last! Yes I’m back, working and playing and inflicting myself upon the rest of the world. Apparently I am very sensitive to my medication and if I get dehydrated I can end up in the hospital. Coma or heart attack, take your pick. Though my heart did feel funny my money's on coma, because it starts with a C. Clara, cancer, calcium, coma – it just fits.

Anyhoo as a result of this I now have a self-imposed 2-drink maximum. And by self-imposed I mean Jeremy imposed. I had to fight for that second drink let me tell you. It occurs to me as I’m writing this, that that means I shall never get drunk again. This is okay by me. I’ve had my fun; it’s a relief really. I do however feel sorry for those of you who never got a chance to see drunk Clara. It’s a shame really. She was something else. Hilarious. She could go from hollering and ordering a round of shots to completely asleep in under 30 seconds. She was susceptible to peer pressure; if you indicated she couldn’t handle another drink she’d have two more, just to prove you wrong. Drunk Clara had a bit of a criminal streak too. Pylons, bar signs, whatever - if it seemed cool (and wasn’t everything?) she’d have to have it. She’d usually instruct others to get it for her, failing that she might attempt it herself. Really though she was good at talking others into doing things, as long as those others were drunk as well. University was a good time for this. Ah well, fare the well drunk Clara. So many good times, good stories. Too bad I don’t remember most of them.

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