Monday, September 25, 2006

sister shopping day

We pulled a ‘what not to wear’ for our eldest sister this weekend. On Friday my other two sisters made her try on everything she owned and ruthlessly yayed or nayed. Saturday they all came up to visit me and the real fun began (der). Various family members had pitched in for gift certificates and clothes cash for her bday and we headed to Winners with a mission. Armed with a list of needed clothing we scoured the aisles. Sure I saw some things I might have liked but truly picking out a wardrobe for someone else assuaged my shopping cravings.

The poor dressing room attendant looked slightly terrified when the four of us approached with our mountainous cart.

“Um, so about that six items only…”

We explained what we were doing and that we needed to see each thing she tried on. For approval and comedic commentary. They graciously let us take the whole damn cart in there. They even gave us one of those hanging bars on wheels to organize our load. Wonderful people at that Yorkville Winners. Anyhoo we worked out a great system, almost like an assembly line, all the while judging whatever she tried on. It was great. She’d open the door and you’d hear:

“It looks great, you’re buying it”
“Hell no”
“Sure, sure, we’ll put it in the maybe pile”
yeah right.
“Who put this in here? Tie dye? Honestly.”

Ah, good times. It also make me realize how exhausting it must be to do that for a living. Those makeover shows make it look so easy.

We had so much fun that we’re doing it for MY birthday too! Can’t wait. I need more help with the getting rid of stuff than the buying new things. I have mountains of clothes. I keep getting rid of them (like 4 garbage bags at a time) but the pile never diminishes. I think they’ve figured out a way to multiply on their own. Be afraid.

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