Tuesday, September 26, 2006

lego dreams

You know how if you play a video game for long enough you start dreaming about it? Maybe it’s just me, but that always happens to me. Well right now Jeremy and I are playing Star Wars Lego II and it’s leading to some interesting dreams let me tell you.

In the game everything is made of Lego. Everything. If you kill someone, or bust up the scenery, you’ll end up with a pile of Lego pieces. Very cool and very fun. Well last night I had a mundane sounding dream. I believe I was fishing, it was fall, maybe I was camping with my family, I can’t really remember. But we were ALL MADE OF LEGO! Everything was. It was kind of chilly in the air and when you exhaled you could see your breath – in the form of clear floating Lego pieces. Wicked. An interesting dream to be sure, though I’m unsure if I’m the victim of subliminal advertising because I am pretty tempted to go out and buy a bucket of Lego. Knowing Jeremy there’s probably one stashed away somewhere. Now I know where the box of Ninja Turtles is but no Lego….

Do you know he had the nerve the other day to tell me he “wasn’t one for toys”? Although thinking back that could have been dream Lego Jeremy saying that. It’s a little hazy.

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