Wednesday, October 11, 2006

splish splash

You know how when you do stupid things they seem to happen in slow motion? I had one of those today. It’s raining heavily and I’m walking, jauntily, to work with my gently beat up leather jacket and cherry covered umbrella. Tra la tra la. Cars are zooming by and a truck comes barrelling past me, kicking up a puddle of mass destruction. I was fine. I was too far back to get hit but I knew that that puddle could be trouble. I had stopped walking when the truck came by so I started off again, jauntily (I love rainy days). I was nearly parallel to the puddle when I looked up and saw a large, sinister van speeding towards me. I looked at it, then at the muddy puddle, then down to my own feet walking towards the other two. Comprehension slowly dawned. I looked back up - the van was closer, I looked over – the puddle was muddier up close, I looked down – my feet were still moving. By now I was thinking ‘I should just stop and wait for it to go by, or I could just run up and get past it before-‘

Too late.

Luckily it was raining so hard by the time I got to work that the splashed area was uniformly assimilated into the total soakedness of the rest of my pants. Silver linings and all that.

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