Friday, November 24, 2006

eat me paypal

Argle. Before I start I should say that I think Paypal is a great idea and way to shop without flashing your personal info all over the internet. That being said their customer service can suck my ass. For the last few days I’ve been trying to update my credit card info (expiry) with Paypal, to no avail. It says it can’t verify the address, and I’m like – it’s the same address you already verified, I’m just putting in the new expiry date! I sent several emails, received a few inane responses (e.g. ‘try clicking ‘save’ when you’re done’). Are you kidding me? I even made empty threats like ‘I would hate to have to cancel my paypal account’; really what the hell else am I going to use on eBay and I don’t think I could give up eBay if I tried. Finally I figured it out for myself (although Jeremy insists it was his idea), deleting it completely and starting over. I’m still waiting on them to put a charge on my card so I can get some code and activate it…so the saga may yet continue but lets hope not.

Anyway after I’ve fixed the problem I get another email, which made my brain hurt. This could just be because I was an English major so I’ll lay it out for you.

I've reviewed your account and discovered the issue - the problem is that
your credit card company was unable to verify for us the billing address
listed to your credit card. So, when you added your card and we contacted
the credit card company to verify the address, they weren't able to.

How does this explain the problem? All you’ve said is that the problem (cause) was that the credit card company could not verify the address therefore (effect) they weren’t able to verify the address. You can't say the same thing two different ways in hopes that I will think that it's a valid explanation.

Do you have a manager that proofreads your emails? Because they should. I realize this could be my analness coming in to play but really, it doesn’t answer anything, just uses a lot of words to say ‘we don’t know what’s going on’.

The letter closed with:

....and I hope you've received the service you've come to expect from PayPal

Oh I have. Trust me. Sigh.

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