Thursday, November 2, 2006


Yesterday Jeremy met the love of his life. Again. No it’s not me, it’s not even Big Bear.

It’s his new Mac.

He finally got his stock cheque from Starbucks and decided to blow it on a new computer. To be fair his computer died a few months ago and he’s been using my *gasp* PC. I fully supported his purchase. First of all, he earned it and he did need a new computer. Secondly, he will probably never have a cheque of basically free money handed to him ever again, especially not that amount. And last but certainly not least, I’ll get my computer back. So run free baby, buy your toys.

And oh did he.

This is his new 24inch widescreen iMac. It is huge. Ridiculously huge. Even he said it was retardedly ginormous once he got it set up on his desk. And you should see it next to my peewee pc! It’s sad really. Sigh. He’s even got the wireless keyboard and mouse so he can sit in bed and use the internet. And there’s a remote control for watching DVD’s and such! Pure laziness! I swear we’re living large like drug dealers without the drugs. Unfortunately.

Anyway we trudged all the way out to the Yorkdale to get it, because his friend worked there and he wanted to get it from him and say hi (or so he says – I think he wanted to rub it in his face). Turns out his friend works at the Eaton Centre location, which is where we started our arduous journey. That’s God punishing you for vanity or pride or some such thing. At least that what I said at the time. So we got this beast home, and Jeremy sets it all up (very exciting) and I notice he’s setting it up to be all password protected. What the eff?!? He said it’s for his own protection but I still thing it’s a bastardly thing to do. I shared my comp with him for months!

Granted I have toasted a few computers in my time but those were pc’s. And I was like 12. C’mon.

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