Monday, December 11, 2006

peanut buster parfait

On Saturday Jeremy and I joined his parents for the long trek out to Gilmour. What’s in Gilmour, Ontario you ask? Why only the cutest puppies in the whole wide world that’s all! We went to Taralee’s Kennels and met Buster the teacup cockapoo and the newest member of the family. Technically I think he’s my brother in-law. Well pseudo brother in law.

Anyway this puppy is the smallest dog I have ever seen in my life. He’s just a little ball of fluff. He really reminds me of my old guinea pig, fizzgig. He likes to burrow in your jacket and wedge himself into crevices. He also loves to play tug o war with my curls. Luckily he is so tiny that at full strength he can’t do much damage. I may regret allowing him to do this when he’s older though. but right now with his furry little fat sausage body hopping around like a rabbit and wriggling madly while licking your face – he’s going to get away with a lot.

Now I am a big dog person. I love German Shepherds and dogs you can ride like a pony. Marcus, their Lhasapoo, won me over to the joy of small dogs and Buster has made up my mind. I want one. It’s perfect for living in an apartment downtown; I’ll be one of those women with her dog in her purse. I’ll call it ‘lambiekins’ and coo to it while riding the subway. Jeremy and I will refer to it as our ‘baby’ and throw it birthday parties. Ok maybe not but I will carry it around with me sometimes. I asked Jeremy if we could consider getting one when we get a new place next year and he said ‘we’ll see’. Which isn’t a no and is therefore yes.

So excited!!

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