Friday, December 8, 2006

panic and anxiety

I was down in the mall buying a top for tonight (Jer’s company Christmas party) and the fire alarm goes off - for the whole frackin mall! I was in the middle of paying and didn’t want to have to come back so I started rushing the poor girl. Panicked she swipes my card but it wouldn’t go through. I’m all ‘try it again!’ and she says ‘it’s not working!’. Finally I have to leave the store so we give up; I glanced over my shoulder at the top, so nearly mine, sitting crumpled on the counter. Sigh.

The alarm ended up lasting less than 5 minutes, so I went back right after to get it. It was the same girl waiting on me and we finished the transaction in silence. Maybe a sheepish chuckle on my part. Awkward.

I don’t really know what to expect tonight but I do know Jeremy will leave me for a while to play briefcase beauty in the evenings entertainment. I’m torn between being nervous at my impending abandonment and excited at the photo opportunities.

Think of the possibilities...

Um, on second thought...don't...

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