Wednesday, December 6, 2006

counting the hours...

I’ve been so tired lately.

I’ve been staying up late playing Final Fantasy XII. Luckily this week I’ve taken it easy and haven’t turned the game back on after supper (well taken it off pause as I never really turn it off, you never know when you’ll have a 5 minute window to play). I overdid it on Sunday, which is why I’ve been a little better this week. I played for nearly 15 hours on Sunday. I’m not kidding, ask Jeremy. He said he was being neglected. Man my eyes still feel a little gritty.

But I love it so much.

Luckily Jeremy’s working the late shift this week so I get uninterrupted playtime until nearly 9. It’s awesome, I can't wait to go home and play.

I mean……um, I’m so horribly lonely and missing Jeremy that I play mindless games to pass the long hours of treacherous emptiness…..sigh……

Or something suitably impressive. I don’t think he’ll buy it though.

update* - It's not just me! I was in the elevator after work and saw someone I knew, but hadn't seen in awhile. So when he asked what was new I answered truthfully and told him about FFXII. The other guy in the elevator (a stranger) whipped around and asked my how the gameplay was. And so began an animated discussion that had my friend chuckling and looking puzzled. This guy was all pumped for Final Fantasy III (never before released in Canada) for the DS. I'm considering getting the DS just for this game. Dude. Man. Dudeman.

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