Monday, December 4, 2006

flatiron again

On Friday Connie, Maria and I headed to the Flatiron for a girl’s night. Aside from some creepy guy hitting on me, all was well. I can’t really blame him though I must’ve looked fabulous. Maria was talking to these girls and when I turned around to face them they literally gasped, and said I was beautiful. Mind you they were fairly drunk, and by fairly drunk I mean wasted. Nonetheless, they said I was so beautiful I should be on TV. High praise indeed.

The most important thing though, was my kicking ass on ntn. All night I reigned (well once it was just down to Maria and me, and when she wasn’t dancing on the table) – I reigned supreme. It’s the not the first time either,
if you’ll remember.

Hey those girls were psychic! Clara was on TV!

I loooove seeing my name up there.

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