Thursday, November 30, 2006

ah, lus...i mean love?

As I’ve mentioned before( and before, and before) I happen to fall in love often. Mainly with fictional men. Well tho I do love all my Final Fantasy characters, the only one I’ve ever lusted after is Vincent Valentine. I met him many years ago, and have loved him ever since. Dark, brooding, tortured and betrayed – how could I resist?

Well I fear he may have a rival for my affections.

Perhaps it just goes to show you how much I’ve changed over the past few (several) years but I can’t help but have palpitations over Balthier, from the newest Final Fantasy. Sigh. He’s Vincent’s complete opposite. Well very different anyway. Arrogant, charming, mercenary and dare I say - foppish? I believe ‘Dashing sky pirate’ is his official description.

They are both gunners though and if you’ve asked me I would have sworn I was a sword girl. Ah well. I've aways gone for the supporting male, never the hero. Heroes can be so boring. Though if you asked Balthier he'd say he was the leading man (seriously I've heard him say it).

Bestill my heart.

And loins. Heh.

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