Tuesday, January 23, 2007

i have to do something this year that tops surviving cancer...

This is the year I actually attempt to realize my dream.

That’s right - I’m going to make a solid effort to get published. Therefore, as with anything I do, I need new toys. I would like a laptop and digital audio recorder. Jeremy has pointed out that they make accessories for iPods that can record voice but, as I don’t have an iPod that’s neither here nor there. Heh.

I’m hoping once we get a new place I can get my Grandfather’s desk out of storage and use it. So there I’ll be, sitting at my antique, sturdy German desk, playing back my audio notes and typing on my sexy new laptop. I can see it now. Then I’ll send something away to a publisher and they’ll love it and snatch it up. Then you’ll all see my name in the bookstores. Realistically it’ll be in the romance section. Hey stick with what you know. And by that I mean I know romance novels, not romance itself.

Ah-hem Jeremy.

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