Monday, January 15, 2007

another round

Friday was delightful. We ushered out an NTN era with grace, style and verve. Well verve anyway. Verve and beer.

I did see my name up there as game winner, which is all I really cared about. Well not all but I really did want to win a game. I’m much more competitive then I realized. I used to think I wasn’t competitive because I hated losing. Turns out that’s sort of the definition of competitive. Heh.

Anyway after what I thought was a lovely send off for our electronic trivia I found out that it’ll be around for 2 more months. Well we’ll just have to do it again later. Actually the 2 month reprieve is a trial period, and if enough people come in and play (and spend money) they’ll keep it around. So head on over to the
flatiron & firkin and play a game or two. We may have an organized evening out at some point; I’ll keep you posted. You can meet Maria and I! Lucky things. We’ll sign autographs but only on boobs. We’re edgy like that.

Margaret, Me, Maria

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