Friday, January 12, 2007

fare thee well

I’m going to the flatiron tonight, for a historic outing with Maria. It is the end of an era.

An NTN era.

I’m sad. It’s so much fun to do trivia while drinking. If you’ve never tried it you’ve never lived! I don’t know why the combination works so well together. Not that NTN is the only form of drunken trivia around. Not by any means. When I was in university we would go to Jimmy Jazz for trivia night. They handed out paper and some guy yelled out the questions. The table with the most right won a free pitcher of beer! We never did won but it sure was fun. I’m not entirely sure we ever actually made it to the point where we handed in our answers but we did try. I remember that.

Tonight I hope to see my name up on that screen at least once. I brought my camera so I can capture the moment, should it ever arrive. Beer makes me smart. I’ll try to get to the ‘Professor Barney’ stage.

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