Thursday, January 11, 2007


We all know what a camel-toe is. Great intro I know.

Well I’ve been wondering – what do you call the male version? Camel-ball? Well that just suggests that it looks like a camels and frankly I don’t even know what that looks like. I can imagine but, no…let’s not go there. Ball-toe works I guess, but somehow it lacks the spirit of the female terminology. You can see I’ve given this some thought. I asked Jeremy what he thought the best name was but he declined to discuss it. In fact he seemed horrified that I would blog about such a topic. Well it is a bit tasteless perhaps, but it’s not like I asked him to pull his pants up really high and take a picture of his junk so I could post it to illustrate my point. That would be crossing the line. Besides I think if women have a nickname for this phenomenon then men should too. Because it happens, and not just to old men who pull their pants up to thier chin. You watch. You’ll see.

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