Tuesday, January 9, 2007

copa cabina

We stumbled across a cool sculpture forest while at the cabin this past week. Fun! The kids loved it, and by kids of course that means Jeremy too. My niece and nephew especially liked the rounded nude figure, christening it – the lucky bum. This is partially my fault. It looked to smooth and inviting I had to give it a little pat. It was such a pleasant experience that I insisted everyone else do the same. For luck. We heard about the ‘lucky bum’ for the rest of the week.

I also really like the Narnia-esque one. So magical. The one of the two figures crouching on the rock is nice, but what really makes the picture is my sister’s vacuous expression in the background. Profound. Or something. The sleeping girl kind of creeped a few people out, like she was going to open her eyes any moment. I had to touch this one too but she wasn’t as smooth as lucky bum.

Back at the cabin there were some really cool stumps and roots by the shore. I took like twenty pictures of roots that seemed like a good idea at the time but in hindsight was a little excessive. For tree roots I mean. I did get this great shot. Doesn’t it look like a squid or something? I swear I saw tentacle sucker marks on a branch by the water. No really! Hopefully we scared any lake squid away with our incessant stone skipping. That’s what this picture is by the way, not a tiny UFO skidding to a halt across the water’s surface. Really.

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