Thursday, March 29, 2007

bedtime for bonzo

So Jeremy and I have a mini battle every night at bedtime. It’s in regards to designated sides of the bed. Well more along the lines of ‘staying in one’s designated area’. Now I take great pains to make sure I’m not in the middle of the bed, however…a few factors may or may not contribute to me ending up all over the place, and I’m not admitting anything, I said may. First of all, for whatever reason, my side of the bed is higher than the rest of the bed. So if I go up against the wall, like I normally do, taking up very little space – over the course of the night I naturally roll to the middle. It’s simple physics people. Okay as for when my starting position is a little closer to the middle than it should be – I have horrible depth perception. It’s true. I’ll be lying in the bed and look over the space Jeremy has, it seems HUGE. Like you could fit three people. Perhaps if I had an overheard view I could judge more accurately but alas, I do not. In conclusion it is not my fault for can I help it when I end up in the middle of the bed. So there.

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