Thursday, March 8, 2007

listen buddy it's either on the train or under it - your choice

I’m sure at one point most of you have witnessed a blind date gone wrong or something along those lines. You know what I mean – you’re out somewhere and seated not far from you is an awkward couple trying to get through the evening. You want to look away but just can’t, you feel awful for them but are relieved it’s not you.

Well I think I saw one of those the other day. I’m not sure though because it would have had to have been a shopping date. Maybe it was an ex-couple making that valiant effort to remain friends.

Anyway I was on the Dundas northbound platform and it was packed. There must have been a delay. So naturally when the train came there was a mad rush into an already crammed train. Most people, including myself, decided to wait for the next one. I spotted this couple, the guy was holding his purchases and the woman was looking everywhere but at him. When he saw the state of the subway car he just shrugged and made as if to wait – well she wasn’t having a moment of extra time with this dude. She shoved him into a car before the doors could close, barely squeezing him in there. I mean really pushed him. Unfortunately when the doors closed his shopping bags were on the outside. He gestured for her to take it, she was standing right there and could have easily grabbed it and given it to him later. So he’s thinking ‘sweet, a leave-behind’ and she must have been thinking ‘not on my watch bub’ – because she pried open the doors and kicked the bag until it fit inside.

As the train pulled away she was smiling broadly and waving. I on the other hand was laughing quite loudly. Ah golden moments in other peoples lives. Priceless.

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