Tuesday, March 13, 2007

you dirty rat

So we were broken into AGAIN. Sigh. Nothing of great value was taken, well some silver dollars of Jeremy���s that held sentimental value but other than that just the laundry quarters. They really ransacked the place though. And you know it had to be bad if we could notice with the usual mess that���s there. When the cop arrived he was like ���wow they really tore this place apart!��� we just looked at each other and said nothing. Heh. The Scene of Crime unit guy made a few cracks about the mess though, to the point where I said ���OUCH!��� when the barbs got too pointed. All in good fun though, we made him fingerprint lots of stuff and he never balked at a suggestion. Well he balked but he did it anyway. Considering we told him how much we love CSI and then tried to analyze things with him he was a very good sport. Plus he forgot his fingerprint powder so I may just start dusting the city for prints...just for fun....

So thanks Toronto Police. Me likey.

As for the bastard that touched my things, I hope you get the Hantavirus from
Fievel���s descendants.

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