Saturday, March 17, 2007

innocence lost

Tragedy. Well we’ve been slowly discovering things that are missing or have been disturbed. That’s what happens when a messy place gets robbed. We already know some prescriptions are gone, and though dude/dudette was probably thinking ‘score –who lives here a cancer patient?’ well they would have been right BUT it’s mostly calcium so take that you donghole. You’re going to end up like Rocky with calcified bone and you’ll never be a contender.

But I digress.

This morning I discovered that the vile intruder’s hands had been all over my Tony Leung. Fondling, groping – who knows? Poor Tony his smile seems a bit forced now doesn’t it? Hiding his secret shame. Well not so secret now. It’s okay, the healing can begin. I really should get Andy Lau down here to protect him. That’s what this place needs, heck anyplace – more Andy Lau.

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